Mohawk is the “Go-To” Firm in the Specialty Contracting Industry.

Quality, service, and dependability are more than just words; it is how we do business every day. Mohawk Construction has earned a reputation for being the "Go To" firm in the specialty contract industry. When general contractors need a company that will meet or exceed their demanding expectations their first call is to Mohawk Construction and Supply, they handle the toughest projects on time and on budget.


An example of this is the Miami Tunnel Project; Mohawk Construction was brought into this project and was asked to meet a daunting challenge. Mohawk was tasked to do a custom install dealing with precise tolerances and an unforgiving deadline. Mohawk installed this complex architectural wall cladding system in an ever-changing underground tunnel geometry which created a unique installation environment. But you know how the saying goes," the good make it look easy." That starts with having the most highly skilled and experienced staff in the industry, from project managers to Metal Panel Installers that can mobilize at a moment’s notice. Mohawk met this challenge in stride dealing with 220,000 ft. of material and add-ons with a project window of four months. This is just one example of why Mohawk is the "Go To" company in the specialty contracting industry.


Skill, reliability, and experience has earned Mohawk a reputation for excellence among demanding contractors and being able to handle a variety of projects both large and small sets Mohawk apart. Responsiveness to its customers’ ever-changing needs, goes hand-in-hand with the firm’s experience working on a wide variety of structures across a range of industrial sectors from auto plants, pharmaceutical, mining, energy, and manufacturing facilities. Repeat business is a clear measure of success and by this standard Mohawk is a leader.  General contractors who have worked with Mohawk know they keep their promises and deliver on services and materials skillfully installed by trained Building Cladding Installers which keeps projects on time and on budget.



This is why general contractors keep coming back to Mohawk for additional assignments for the past 15 years. Mohawk construction has handled more than 200 major projects in 26 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. Mohawk has handled the logistics of supplying materials for an important project in mainland China. Mohawks reach is now global
in scope.


The backbone of any company is the personnel in the field. Mohawk's employees average 10-15 years employment with the company. Ongoing training of both management and installation technicians in advanced architectural wall cladding systems is an integral part of Mohawk’s success. General contractors know that Mohawk's engineering staff can handle a wide variety of projects including complex design-build projects and those requiring professionally engineered and stamped drawings. Our reliable professional engineers and skilled field technicians have a history of success on various complex projects. The word has spread that Mohawk employees are “good people to work with.” “Working with Mohawk Construction and Supply, we can depend on getting the materials we need and having them promptly installed using trained National Metal Panel installers saving us both time and money." General contractors know that Mohawk is a trusted partner that can get the project done right on time and on budget which is why Mohawk is one of the best values in the industry. Mohawk's reputation for fair and consistent pricing ease of interaction with both management and installation staff makes Mohawk a company that general contractors can count on. Quality service and dependability are more than just words at Mohawk Construction and Supply Company, it's how we do business every day. This is how Mohawk has become the specialty contracting industries "Go To" firm. So when you're looking to create that next world class project contact Mohawk Construction and Supply Company Inc. at 1.888.765.3965 and let us see what we can do together.




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